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5 Things to Consider While Buying a Prepaid Phone Card.

Calling overseas is made all the more easier thanks to phone cards. Picking out a phone card, however, is a different story. There are so many brands out there, each claiming to give you the most talking time at the lowest rate per minute. There are a few tips, though, to help you pick out a cheap international calling card.

1. Know the Rates

The cards with the lowest minute rates are not necessarily the cheapest. In fact, those promising unbeatable per minute rates are often the most expensive to use. Think about it: cards with exceptionally low rates have to compensate somewhere else. This is often done by tacking on additional connection and carrier service fees. With the extra fees, those cheap international calls may not be so economical after all.

2. Compare Your Usage with Expenditure

If the card starts out with 100 minutes, and you talk for 10 minutes, then you should have 90 minutes left, right? If on your next call you only have, say, 75 minutes, then that’s a problem. Keep track of the minutes of each call. If the remaining minutes don’t add up, then you’re being swindled.

3. Buy Cards that Have Sufficient Information on the Backside

Always look at the backside of the card for complete details regarding usage and rates. This is where you will discover additional info, such as:

  • The length of time the card is good for after activation
  • Surcharges regarding calls made from a payphone
  • Whether remaining time is rounded to the nearest minute
  • Whether rates vary depending on the time of day

4. Read Calling Card Reviews

Just as with any other product, you can usually find calling card reviews from unbiased reviewers. This is where you’ll be made aware of common complaints, such as:

  • PIN number not working
  • Not being able to reach customer service
  • Rates being higher than what’s listed on the card

5. Consider Calling Card Alternatives

Long distance calling doesn’t necessarily have to entail phone cards. You may elect for an alternative like TTAG. Such services are easy to use; simply sign up for an account, deposit money into it, and you’ll be given a local number that you can use to connect to any part of the world. The process is simple, and there are no hidden fees or lengthy contractual obligations. Consistent users are also rewarded with free minutes, which can be used to make free international calls.

6. Explore all Options

A calling card in Canada doesn’t have to be your only option when making overseas calls. Explore the different choices to ensure you get the most calling time while keeping rates and fees to a minimum.

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