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7 TTag Features That Are Loved the Most by Its Users.

With ttags, international calls are made easier and more convenient, unlike when you use the traditional means, such as calling cards, free internet calls, etc. You can experience long distance calling as easy like dialling your neighbour or anyone in your local community. Just looking like the regular phone numbers in your city, it can connect any 2 numbers from any corner of the globe.

It works by simply gathering your phone number and the one that you’re going to call, and then we give you your personal ttag that you can save to your phone and use to reach your contacts in other countries. When it comes to refilling your ttag account, it’ll be easy as 1-2-3 with us here at Also, you can receive credits from inviting friends to use it, other than using it yourself. However, these are not the only conveniences this service offers. Here are the most loved features of ttags by our users:      

1. Convenience

So far, our ttag is the most convenient form of long-distance and calling card free calling on the market today. Through it, you won’t experience complicated long distance calling codes, PIN numbers and access codes, not to mention special software and apps. Just call anyone in the world like he or she is just living next door using any type of touchtone phone or smartphone.

2. Flexibility

As implied above, you can use your ttag with any phone that you always use, and if you’re away from your home phone, you can still access our ttag network with a specialized number to make an international call.

3. Bonus rewards

For the love of our customers, we do our best to make our loyalty program the best for them. Now, for the minutes they consume in conversing using their ttags, for the friends they refer and for the recharges they make, they’ll receive bonus rewards from us.

4. Transparency

The notion “What you see is what you get” is definitely true for us here at Ttags don’t have any hidden catches and fees, unlike calling cards, where you only see how much you’re charged for the calls you made, with other fees hidden. By being a ttag user, you can log on your account and see balances and call history, other than up-to-the-minute rates.

5. Ease of use

How easy? Well, it’s to a point where your grandmother can conveniently use it. As we always say, “We transform long-distance calling and make it as easy as dialling your neighbour.”

6. Low rates

In terms of long distance phone call rates, we say that ttag is not cheap, but it’s fair! Delivering high-quality international calls at very low rates is possible with us, as we purchase at wholesale rates and directly deliver calls to our users.

7. Absence of contracts

We want our subscribers to stay with us because of the love they have for what we offer, and not because of the sweet talks other providers use to get people into signing a contract.

There you have it, the most loved ttag features. And oh! Did we mention that you can get your ttag account for free?