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Calling Brazil from Canada? Here are 3 Steps to Do It for Free

Making a phone call to your loved ones in Brazil? Obviously, you can’t just dial an area code followed by the number. Typically, you need a calling card, and those don’t always come cheap and often have hidden surcharge fees. There is a much more efficient way of making a call while forgoing a phone card altogether. All it takes is three easy steps, and the best part of all? It is absolutely free.

Step 1: Open an Account with ttag™

Set up an account with ttag. The registration is easy; all you have to do is enter your phone number, a number you want to call, and add a name for your ttag account. Once your registration is confirmed, a complimentary $2 credit will be added to your account. This will allow you to immediately call Brazil for free, so you can drop a quick “hello” to a family or relative.

Step 2: Sell Your Used Calling Card for a $5 Credit

Let’s say Bob has been using Ontario calling cards for years when making phone calls back home to his native Brazil. For Bob, this means endlessly buying card after card; those minutes, after all, do go by pretty fast. He learns about ttag and its promotional offer and quickly acts. By the next morning, his account is fully activated, and he has a $7.00 credit in his account ($2 for signing up, $5 for selling his card). He can now phone Brazil right away. The best part of all? There are no hidden fees, and the credits never expire (most cards expire within six to 12 months of activation).

Like Bob, do you still have your old long distance calling cards with unused minutes? Phone cards are kind of yesterday; people are moving on to better alternatives. If you have an existing card, simply scan the front and back and submit it to A $5 credit will be added to your account within 24 hours. This offer is valid until the end of 2015 and is a promotion exclusive to new customers.

Step 3: Refer a Friend for Another $5 Credit

Do you also have friends still using phone cards? Let them know about ttag; get them in the fray, and we’ll tack another $5 onto your account. That’s a total of $12 that you can begin using right away. There is simply no other method more efficient for making cheap international calls without the fusses of calling cards.

If you want to know how to call Brazil from Canada, this is the new way of doing it. ttag provides a straightforward process minus the hidden fees and pin numbers.

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