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Calling Cards to Colombia Hitting Your Pocket Hard? Time to Try Alternatives

Phoning your loved ones in Colombia shouldn’t have to feel like it’s costing you an arm and a leg. However, this is just the “ouch” you will continue to feel as long as you stick to traditional calling cards. Even if the card guarantees low rates, that almost always means there are hidden surcharges, such as mandate rounding fees, where a call is rounded to the nearest three, four, or even five minutes. Imagine losing five minutes on your card for dropping a 60 second “Hi and I love you” call to your mother!

In With the New, Out With the Old

Phone cards had their place at one point, but modern times call for more efficient solutions. Calling home to your native Colombia can be streamlined using a service like ttagTM. With such services, international calls are as simple as dialing a single number. That’s right, a single number; no calling card number followed by a pin code and then the number you’re calling to.

There are a few other perks when you make the transition away from calling cards.

No Lengthy Commitments

You pay as you go; however much you deposit is what you get back in minutes. It’s as simple as that. There are no contracts requiring you to commit for any given length of time. On top of that, new members receive free trial minutes just for signing up and testing the waters.

Low Rates

Long distance calling services may not offer the lowest prices, but the price is always fair, and you know exactly what you are paying for. There’s none of this mandate rounding, peak hour surcharge, or any of that nonsense that are clearly designed to suck up your minutes as fast as possible to force you to recharge or buy another card.

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As long as funds remain in your account, you can phone anywhere in the world with any landline phone or mobile device. Want a loved one or friend to make a quick international call? No problem; feel free to share your assigned calling number with anyone you wish.

It’s Rewarding

Get bonus minutes for phoning your family back home. The more time you spend conversing with your loved ones from afar, the more freebie minutes you accrue. Refer relatives and friends, and you will rack up even more minutes to your account at no extra cost.

It’s Long Due for a Change

You may certainly stick to calling cards, but why would you knowing that are far more sufficient methods for people like you to take advantage of? With ttagTM, calling to Colombia is as easy as phoning a friend down the block.

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