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Calling for free with convenience

If you have friends, relatives or business partners living outside of Canada, and even if you like calling them for free using free calling software from your pc, ocassionally you’ll find yourself in a situation when you need to call their phones. So what do you do to make sure your calling international does not break the bank? Do you dial your friend’s international phone number directly from your mobile phone? Or do you run to the nearest convenience store to buy the cheapest telephone calling card or prepaid calling card that give you seemingly the most free minutes to the destination you call?

Thanks to T-Tag, a startup telecom company based in Toronto, issue of hunting for cheap telephone calling card, searching the web for free calling or mobile app, or looking for reliable online international calling card provide is over for Canadians. T-Tag’s unique system assigns a 10 digit local phone number to your international phone number. Dial it from any phone number registered in your account and your call will be connected to the desired international phone number. Easy and no more phone calling cards!

Convenience of international calling with T-Tags is similar to calling long-distance with your mobile operator, where you punch an international phone number directly from your phone. There is one important exception though! While the convenience is the same, using T-Tag will save you big time for your international calling!
Check how T-Tag works today at! It’s absolutely free calling from your mobile and there is $2.00 free credit in every account to spend on your free calling from mobile to mobile or landline anywhere around the globe.