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How to Make Your Calls to India from Canada Truly Cheaper?

Canada is home to hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have traveled overseas every year to make a new life for themselves here in this country. Most have had to leave family and friends behind and need to communicate with loved ones back home. Through our own research, we discovered that making international calls from Canada is altogether expensive, complex and limited. We explore this through specifically focusing on making calls cheaper from Canada to India.

Cheaper is Not Always About Price

When discussing the idea of making cheaper calls to India from Canada, most people assume that the focus is just on the price alone. However, cheaper is not always focusing on price in every case. When making a phone call, you are not only paying a certain amount for long distance calls, you are also utilizing your time and energy as well.

If you are using a calling card in Canada, it can also take time and energy as well to prepare for a long distance call, including walking to the store to purchase the calling card, scratching for the pin number, and inputting the pin number into your phone. Utilizing an online solution, such as ttag™, allows you to take advantage of long distance calling to India from Canada in an easy, affordable and widely available way all at your fingertips.

Information is Power

Always be prepared and do your research beforehand. Whether you are setting yourself up through a phone plan, purchasing a calling card, or joining an online calling system, it is important to be informed. As mentioned earlier, you are not only spending your money, but you are also utilizing your time and energy. By doing your research before committing to a specific service, you can look into the fine print and figure out what would work best for you and affect your bills least. Keep in mind and be informed about things including information about rates, hidden costs, remaining balance, and true expenditure.

            Company websites tend to hold a wealth of knowledge in order to help with your research beforehand. Through company websites, you are able to gain more information about the company, their services, features, plans and rates as well as contact information. Utilize this information and speak to a representative before moving ahead with any specific service to make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed.

Convenience is the Number One Priority

Across the board, the number one priority for customers is convenience. Essentially, what is going to make your life easier and your call go as smoothly as possible. When it comes to long distance calls, this can be a difficult task depending on the system you are utilizing.

Using online calling systems, such as Skype, may be a top choice for some users, especially as it provides a more personal interaction through face-to-face video. However, this is not necessarily always the most convenient method for customers. In order to make a successful, quality long distance call, online calling systems require both users to have high-speed internet connections and top quality microphones and video/webcams. In turn, it can become quite costly in price, time and energy to acquire all these specifications just to have a quality long distance call.

Calling cards are also another popular choice amongst consumers. However, as mentioned earlier, they can become quite costly to purchase and additionally require more time and energy on your part to utilize them. Not all international calling card providers are the same as each offers their own set price and number of minutes, so if you don’t do a lot of research beforehand (including comparing costs), calling cards tend to be a very inconvenient way for consumers to make long distance calls. These large companies additionally have low quality customer support, and therefore make it very inconvenient for a customer to complain if they have an issue.

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Referral Programs

 How can you make your calls to India from Canada cheaper? Take advantage of any bonuses or referral programs you are offered. Many long distance phone companies offer bonuses and referral programs in order to entice you to sign up with them.

If you did your research beforehand, you should know what long distance calling solution would be best and most convenient for you, whether it means paying for a long distance phone plan or utilizing an online system. From there, you can save yourself even more money by taking advantage of bonuses and referral programs, which can include anything from free months of long distance services to discounts off your monthly bill.

ttag™ offers bonus rewards through our loyalty program, which include a free credit of $2 for signing up, which you can use right away to call India for free. Additionally, we award you bonus credits for every minute of conversation you have using ttag™, friends you’ve referred or recharges you made to your account.

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