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Looking for Cheap Calls to Venezuela from Canada? We Offer it For Free

ttag™ is committed to provide high quality, low-cost calling options to customers across Canada. Whether you want to make long-distance calls that are easy to keep track of online, or prefer a simple phone call to more complex Internet programs like Skype and FaceTime, we’ve created a calling system that can work for you.

To make your long-distance experience even better, we’re offering a new promotion for our Canadian customers that want to make cheap calls to Venezuela. Here are two unique offers we’re introducing:

Sign up and get a free credit

For new customers, we’re offering 45 minutes of free calling to Venezuela. If you sign up, you’ll receive $2.00 of free credit towards calls made from Canada to Venezuela. This equals 45 minutes of calling that you can use at any time, towards as many calls as you’d like.

Customers interested in calling Venezuela from Canada can also check how many minutes they’ve used in our convenient online system. It’s easy — simply register with ttag™, and you’ll instantly receive 45 minutes to call Venezuela for free.

Our online calling system also allows you to track long-distance calls at any time, even after you’ve gone through your free 45 minutes for signing up. This can help you budget your calls for as long as you’re a ttag™ customer.

We’ll Buy Your Used Long-Distance Calling Cards

As an extra incentive, we’re offering to buy used long-distance calling cards from our customers. Once you’ve signed up, let us know you’ve still got a used calling card, and we’ll offer you a $5 credit towards any long-distance calls you make using our service.

If you’ve decided to try ttag™ and want to get rid of a used calling card, here’s how you can sell it back to us:

  • Sign up with ttag™, and register your account with us.
  • Login to receive your free $2 credit, and make a call.
  • Scan your old calling card (which lets us verify it) and send it to us.

Once we’ve verified it, you’ll receive a $5.00 credit towards your account, which can be used at any point in the future.

How to Get Started

If you need a simple solution on how to call Venezuela from Canada, and are interested in ttag™, here’s more information about this offer:

  • New customers are eligible to receive up to $7 in credit. You will receive $2.00 instantly, and can receive an additional $5.00 in credit for sending in your used calling card. Please note that we only offer a single $5 credit for any calling cards you have — sending in multiple calling cards will not yield $5 in credit for each card.
  • Your credit will never expire. As long as you’re a customer with us, you can keep your credit. If you don’t spend much time on international calls right away, don’t worry — you can use your credit at any point in the future.

Get free $2 credit

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