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Debunking the Myths About Long Distance Calling

These days, almost everyone in Canada has a friend or relative living in a foreign country. The good news is that modern technology makes it easy to stay in contact with loved ones regardless of geographic distance.

Many people use internet-based communication technologies like instant messenger. These services do come with advantages, especially cost. But conventional long-distance calling is still the most convenient way to stay in touch. Wireless connectivity is never an issue, for example.

The truth is bright when it comes to long distance calling. Here are some misconceptions to be ditched:

Long distance calling is not affordable

Many who use internet chat services do so out of the perception that long distance calling is too expensive. And it can be. But provided you choose the right long distance provider, you won’t need to break the bank to call mom in India or your cousin in Colombia.

Before agreeing to a plan or buying a prepaid calling card, calculate the average market rate for your destination. The information is easily available via Google. Compare the rates available from different providers with the average market rate to make a financially-sound decision.

Long distance plans require contracts

Commitment can be frightening, especially when we’re talking about finances. If you think can’t make long-distance calls without a long-term contract, think again. Affordable prepaid calling cards are available at countless locations across Canada. The cost-per-minute may be higher than if you sign up for a plan, however.

If you think a monthly plan is the best option for you, shop around for one that doesn’t carry a cancellation penalty. That way you can take things from month-to-month instead of year-to-year. Also, look for a plan with roll-over minutes.

You can’t track minutes or usage

It’s sad but true. Most long distance providers don’t make it easy for you to track usage. Their strategy is to hope you’ll use more minutes, thereby going over your monthly limit and paying extra fees. The good news? You don’t need to settle for that kind of treatment.

There are few higher-quality long distance providers in Canada that offer real-time usage tracking. You’ll be able to plan your international calls knowing how many minutes you have remaining at any time. Even better, some providers allow you to roll-over unused minutes to the next month. This is especially handy during the holidays and other periods when you need extra time to get caught up with loved ones.

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True call duration is another minute-saving feature available with some providers. This feature gives you an instant alert once you’ve used a pre-set amount of minutes on any given call (for example, at the 25-minute mark if you have free calling up to 30 minutes). Be assured: if you shop around, you can find an affordable long distance calling plan.

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