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Long-distance calls from Canada: Where do they go? [infographic]

With our ever-growing reliance on technology and the Internet, are long-distance calls still a relevant and useful way to keep in touch with one another? According to our research, yes, customers in Canada are still using long-distance calls to stay connected with their family and close friends.

Services like Skype and FaceTime are a fast and easy way to communicate with our family and close friends, as long as each person has already scheduled their time to be around a computer. In most of our busy lives, scheduling extra time to be around the computer can add stress, in addition to many callers that are still uncomfortable around a computer. This is where a simple, convenient long-distance call comes in.

According to our recent data, long-distance calls from Canada are still a preferred method to stay in touch. Our infographic, illustrated below, displays the most common reasons for a long-distance call among residents here in Canada.


Most Long-Distance Calls are addressed to Mothers

You can probably guess this, but the vast majority of long-distance calls go to Moms. No matter the age, most of us still want to keep in touch with our mothers. While a service like Skype is great, many older callers aren’t comfortable using a computer or any advanced technology to speak with their kids.

In this case, a long-distance call is the perfect way for people to reach out to their mothers, or for a mom to make a direct call to their son or daughter. You won’t need to schedule any specific time to both be online. A long-distance connection is as simple as picking up your phone and dialing a number.

Interestingly enough, moms also receive the shortest amount of time on the phone. This could be because kids are simply checking in with their mothers and giving a brief status update.

People Still Want to Share Their Special Moments Through a Long-Distance Call

While Skype, text, and FaceTime are a great way to interact with each other long-distance call is still one of the simplest methods to reach out to a loved one, especially during major life moments.

For instance, if you’ve just received some great news (a promotion, an engagement, a new job, etc.) and want to share it with your parents, the quickest way to get in touch with them is through a direct call. There’s no need to schedule a Skype session, or to try reaching your parents through a FaceTime call. You’ll simply pick up the phone and dial their number, and you can share a quick update with them to celebrate together.

The Longest Calls Are Made Because of Long-Distance Relationships

By far, the lengthiest conversations are between two people in a long-distance relationship. Compared to parents and other family members, spending time with your partner on a phone is more than just a quick status update — it’s a way for the two of you to stay involved in each other’s lives.

Communication is vital for a long-distance relationship. According to our research, the average amount of time spent on a long-distance call between an engaged couple is 29.5 minutes.

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