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Long Distance Calling: A Whole New Way to Stay in Touch

Text to (647) 800-0000 and reach your loved ones around the world

Text To Call: A Whole New Way to Stay in Touch

Long distance calling has been around for a long time. Making a call to a relative or friend overseas has traditionally required one of two things: paying through your teeth to use your local telephone service, or fumbling around with calling cards that usually have high per-minute rates.

These days, the situation is a lot better. There are a number of apps that allow users to place long-distance calls for free, you just need a steady internet connection and a decent laptop or mobile device.

But what if there was an even better way? One that didn’t require you to download an app or use an internet connection? An option where you can simply text a number and it will automatically place the call through your mobile device?

How it Works

ttag’s long distance calling solution allows you to call destinations around the world without messing around with logins, apps, pin codes, calling cards, or anything else. You simply text a number with your existing phone, and the call goes through.

You just need to remember one simple phone number: (647) 800-0000. When you dial this number, you’ll then have the option to instantly connect with any phone number in the world. You don’t need to download an app, connect to the internet, or sign up for a monthly plan. You just register your number with ttagTM and punch in the easy to remember number: (647) 800-0000.

But here’s how it gets even better. ttagTM recently added a new feature that allows users to create ttags (local phone numbers which are linked to international numbers), so that when you place a call internationally, the process is exactly like placing a domestic call.

text to call

Setting up a ttag is simple. After sending a simple text message to (647) 800-0000, you’ll be asked to provide the international number you’d like to reach. Just text back the number of the person overseas who will be receiving your call. Then, you’ll receive a ttag—a local number—that you can use in lieu of the international number.

From then on, the local number is the only one you’ll need! That’s right, no more punching in extra numbers or messing around with country and area codes. Plus, you can do all of this via text message. No need to go online and make changes to your account.

Why You’ll Love It

The number one feature that attracts customers to ttagTM is the convenience. It is without question the simplest way to make long distance calls. You don’t need apps or pin codes, and you don’t need to buy calling cards. You just need a phone; you can even top up your account directly from your phone.

ttagTM is also very cost effective. Rates vary depending on the destination, but regardless of whether you text your cousin in El Salvador or call your grandmother in Vietnam, you’ll be impressed with the low rates.

For example, you can make calls to Pakistan on a pay-as-you-go basis for just 5.5 cents per minute, or 8.1 cents per text message. Calling the UK from your landline will cost only 2.5 cents per minute. You can review all of the rates before you register, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost.

Plus, you can top up your account on a pre-paid basis, and you can make calls to any number in the world until your balance expires.

Extra Features

ttagTM allows users to place calls with a mobile device or landline, and landline calls tend to be cheaper. Plus, there is no limit to a set number of numbers you can call with your ttagTM account. You can even place calls from multiple devices, at no extra cost.

Registering doesn’t involve making a financial commitment. Everything is pre-paid, so you’ll never be hit with hidden charges or inflated per-minute rates, and you won’t pay for any services you won’t use.

Plus, signing up for ttagTM means automatically getting a free $2.00 credit. Depending on location, that can add up to as many as 133 free minutes!

When we call ttagTM a “disruptive” innovation, we mean it. By making every long distance call local, ttagTM is a solution that makes calling easier, simpler, and less expensive than other methods do. All it requires? A phone number and a phone.

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