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Four Ultimate Tips to Optimize Your Wireless Minute Usage

Tip 1: Analyze your historical wireless usage. If your wireless bill is full of overage charges, most probably you don’t know well what’s going on with your wireless usage. Retrieve last three or four wireless bills and let’s get started. Find the “Account charges & credits” section in your bill and note the amount: this is what you are paying extra every month. Find the “Usage Summary” section of your bill that highlights the total number of wireless minutes used during your billing period. Find the number of wireless minutes included in your plan and the number of extra minutes you have used outside of your plan. Write these numbers down on a piece of paper or in a spreadsheet file. Repeat this process for several wireless bills for the last three or four months. Once you are done, average the extra minutes used during the last three to four months and add it to the minutes included in your plan. The number you receive is your average monthly minute usage (AMU).

Tip 2: Do your research. With your AMU in your hands start shopping around for the best mobile plan on the market that offers you enough minutes to cover AMU. Visit websites of all wireless service providers and identify plans that fit your usage needs. In your spreadsheet, write the operator name, wireless plan name, minutes included and plan price. Repeat for every operator and you will receive a spreadsheet that provides you a clear picture of what is available on the market to suit your needs.

Tip 3: Don’t be lured with extras and add-ons you don’t need. All wireless operators offer add-ons at additional price like call display, voicemail, long-distance plans, etc. Carefully examine and choose only those you will be really using. For example, if you are using a third-party long distance provider, there is no need to get the add-on from your wireless provider.

Tip 4: Save even more with favorite numbers. In some cases though, you might use the add-ons to save on your bill. If you are using your wireless phone to call a limited number of several phone numbers (family members, close friends, etc) check with your wireless operator for an add-on that allows you to make unlimited number of calls to 5-10 predefined phone numbers. By paying a fixed monthly fee, you’ll be able to avoid extra billing and do unlimited talking to your loved ones.

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